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Monday, 14 May 2012

Charity Blog Cheque Hand Over


For 21 years, I have had Grand Mal Epilepsy and been treated superbly and professionally mainly at the Queens Medical Centre Hospital in Nottingham, though my epilepsy have never been controlled, the Doctors,mainly Dr Whiteley has tried his best up to his retirement around Christmas Time in 2011 to find a solution. 

I felt that I wanted to give something back as a thank you but not really sure how to.  

After Malc Storer & Kev Goodman did a charity blog during the 2010-11 season, I thought well if I can just raise £100, I'd be delighted, so imagine how I felt with a total of £541.25p that I handed over to the Neurology Department this morning. 

There was Dr Whiteley and Dr Wills, a Epilepsy Nurse and photographer from the Nottingham Evening Post(already had the interview via phone on Friday).

I would really like to thank every club, every one who has donated towards the Blog Charity throughout the season.

I will be keeping the Blog going next season and hoping to yet again raise £100 towards another Charity to which I've not decided upon as yet.

Thank you to all those that read my blog and have added it to their blogs

The pictures from this Mornings Presentation can be found on

Saturday, 12 May 2012

St Marys Grab the Points

Notts Senior League: Division One

After ringing League Sec John Beeston to check the game was on and also Underwood's Sec John Gregory, we set off to the venue. Southwell St Mary's needed a point to gain a promotion postition.

On arrival we was greeted by the Villa Manager and introduced to Mr Underwood himself John Gregory who kindly made me and Hazel a cuppa..We had a nice chat and also with a couple of the players dads..

Just before kick off, John Holt arrived and very kindly donated £10 to the Blogs Charity to which I am handing over on Monday at Queens Medicial Centre, a massive total over £541.75..I would like to thank everyone who has donated in every way, I will update the blog on Monday with the pics etc.

John told me how he was now watching Radford FC, but was over the moon that I was organising the Notts Senior League Bonanza from next season and he would buy a advanced ticket.

We walked down pitch side and the action was very fast with each team cancelling each other out, we was then joined by Nick Westerman's family and I had a good chat with his dad.

The Second Half, I strolled across the other side of the ground and had a chat with St Mary's Manager Dave Scott before being introduced to Villa's Developement Officer Malc.

Half way through the Second Half, Secured a promotion place when they scored and won the game 1-0.

A good match with both team,s playing top off the day, back to the Welfare where I won £10 on the card!!!

Photos from the match can be viewed on

Underwood Villa FC Website

Southwell St Marys FC Website

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bilsthorpe Hit Welbeck for Eight


I rang up Welbeck Chair Graham Hall on the morning of the match to find it was on, but was told I'd possibly have to make my own drink as they had no one to run the tea bar, so I asked Hazel if she would come along to run the tea bar for the evening..On arrival, I did the gate and sold the programmes.

There were a few faces there that I knew like Ollie and his friend from Chesterfield and also CMFL regular hopper Richard Lane, plus Simon Matters and his friend and other folks that I knew by face.

The game kicked off and the first goal soon arrived, followed by a second in which the keeper bought down the attacker as he was through on goal but the ball bounced out to a following attacker who made it 0-2.

The goals came at regular intervals and also did the good saves by the Welbeck keeper or it could of been a matter of how many.

You do have to feel a bit sorry for Welbeck as they have now had a few very hard seasons and dont seem to have ever replaced such a good squad when they had the likes of Dean Rick & Carl Haslam in their side.

Well the charity total now goes over £530 with Saturdays match to come, where I am off to Underwood Villa FC

Welbeck Welfare Website 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dronfield Town lift the CMFL League Cup

Central Midlands Football League Cup Final
Played at Alfreton Town FC
Att: 220

This must be rated as one of the Best Central Midlands Football League Cup Finals that I have ever seen, with Dronfield Town racing in to a 2 goal lead after just 25 minutes, but Clifton FC possibly playing the best football, by half time the scores were level at 2-2 and the next goal was vital.

On 50 minutes the goal came with the Derbyshire side advancing in to the lead again and then controlling the Second Half to finish off their chances to increase their lead to 5-2.

Both sides played a great part in this final but I dont think there was a 3 goal gap between the clubs.

This was to be Frank Harwoods final match as Chairman of the Central Midlands Football League and thought there may well be a presentation to him after such a valuable service he has provided over the years since its beginning at the final whistle, so a bit saddened there wasnt.

One incident of the game was when a annoucement went out for a Jermaine Jenas to go to the clubhouse, as someone had handed in his Visa card that he had lost...goood job it wasnt a woman who had found it..or it would have been..who wants to be a millionaire lol

Photo's from todays match can be viewed on this link

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sandhurst FC Bank A Win

Notts Senior League
Senior Division

After I found out that Welbeck Welfare v Thoresby CW had been called off quite early, it was a matter of looking for a match to go and watch, so on to Football Mitoo and the Notts Senior League to see what was in the offering in that League.I saw Sandhurst FC was at home and this was a ground that I've been meaning to get to for ages but never got round to.

A quick phone call to League Secretary John Beeston to check the match was on and when given the green light, it was then a matter of finding anyone who knew if the kick off time had been altered, in the end, I managed to contact Gedling Southbanks helpful manager Roberto who confirmed it to be a 3pm kick off.

So off I set to Walesby Sports Ground and what a lovely surprise, a beautiful little ground with a nice clubhouse with a lovely set of people running the club, I was greeted as soon as I got there by the Sandhurst's Secretary Bob(be careful though here, as everyone at this club is called Rob or Bob and with my first name, I kept turning round to answer everyone lol) and was taken in to the clubhouse for a cuppa coffee and I sat and had a chat with the 3 match officials who I felt were very good today.

Just before kick off I got a phone call from the Welbeck Chairman and a hopper from Essex had arrived, so I directed him to Sandhurst and just as the teams came out, he came across and introduced himself to me.

With Sandhurst lying 2nd from bottom in the table and Gedling Southbank in mid-table and the reserve fixture ending 0-0, I wasnt expecting too many goals and perhaps expecting a end of season dull match, but this was far to be, the visitors began on the attack, as the home side seemed to be happy to just settle in midfield and it came as no surprise when the visitors took the lead, but right on half time, the home side seemed to get more belief in themselves and equalised and that was the turning point of the game.

The Second Half, Sandhurst played a lot better than their recent form showed and added a further 2 goals and if the number 9 had managed to keep his line, as he was caught offside a few times, then the score could have been a lot higher. The final few minutes, Southbank did push forward and nearly came back in to it, then the keeper was called in to action and again when striking the post right at the end.

A enjoyable day was finished off in the clubhouse watching the FA Cup Final and I am sure this ground will go down a treat when it is Sandhurst FC's turn on the Notts Senior League Bonanza which begins next season.


The cheque will be handed over at Queens Medicial Centre, Nottingham to Dr Whiteley on Monday 14th May at 10.30am...I will put photo's on the blog after the presentation.

There a lot of people that do blogs and really encouraged me to do this Charity blog and 3 of those people have decided to hang up their mouses and retire their blogs at the end of this season, I would like to say thankyou for the great reads of Malc Storer, Rob Waite and Rob Campion.

Photo's from the match can be found on this link

Sandhurst FC Website

Gedling Southbank FC Website

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bulwell FC Seal The Championship

Notts Senior League: Senior Division
(played at Vernon Park)

After a phone call to Notts Senior League Secretary John Beeston to check the above game was on, I was informed that the match had been switched to Vernon Villa FC, so decided still to go and watch, not knowing until I got there, that if Bulwell FC won the game, that they would become League Champions.

As I was talking away to a couple of the Bulwell FC Committee Members, in through the gate came along Mark & Fred Hackett, who seem to be following me about of late! Mark bought me a cuppa and we headed pitchside and we was all amazed that the game was still goal-less after 20 minutes, but as soon as the 1st Bulwell goal went in, it was a matter of how many..Mark reckoned it would be 7-1, I said there will be 10 goals in this match.

Just before half time, the Bulwell keeper, with nearly his first touch of the game, had to go off with a finger injury, but it didnt matter that much as it was 4-1 at the time.

At Half time, I had a natter with John Beeston regarding next seasons Football Bonanza and the Notts Senior League are very proud for their league to be involved in it and I'm sure the hoppers will love this league.

Straight from kick off in the 2nd half and Bulwell expended their lead by a further 2 goals in a minute and Mark was getting excited that it was 6-1 and Bulwell may take their foot off the gas and just score one more..tough luck mate..Bulwell just carried on pressing forward and though scored nine, it could and maybe should have been quite a few more.

At the end of the match, John Beeston presented the Title to Bulwell FC.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ponte Spoil Parra's Promotion Party

NCEL Division One
Attendance: 47

Well a change of plan due to the weather saw me ring old friend Max Ross sec of Worksop Parramore to check out if the match was on. With the game on, it was time to check out the train times from Mansfield to Worksop.

With League leaders Handsworth losing last night, it meant that if 2nd placed Parramore could beat Pontefract in 5th place, they would go top and also be promoted.

On arrival I was soon met by Steve Smith and Max Ross followed in the clubhouse by Pete Whitehead who invited me for a cuppa..Whilst chatting to Ponte Chairman Guy, NCEL Sec Brian came in and we had a chat, then came in Herbie and his wife Sue, swiftly followed by Mark and his dad Fred.

out I went in to the nice breeze to pitchside and within 5 minutes, Ponte took the lead through what I thought was a soft penalty, but it was well taken. Both sides were playing good football and creating good chances without the finishing touches, until from a acute angle Ponte increased their lead just after the half hour.

People around felt that this game was far from over at half time and that if the homesters could pull 1 back then it was game on, but it was not to be when the visitors went further in front on 48 minutes.

That goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of Parramore and Ponte seemed to be a second quicker to the ball each time and there was no more goals in the match.

Parramore are at home again next Saturday where they face table toppers Handsworth which will be a championship decider and Handsworth will be taking 100 fans to the match.

Pics from the match can bee seen on this link

Worksop Parramore FC Website

Pontefract Collieries FC Website

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Denaby United Go Into Pole Position

Doncaster & District Senior League
Division One
Admission Free
Programme £2(outstanding)

Today I was going to go to Awsworth Villa, but couldnt get hold of anyone to see if the game was on or not, so after reading on Non League Matters Website that Denaby United were to produce a David Green one off special 40 page programme and not having seen David for nearly 15 years, there was only one place for me to visit today.

On arrival I was met by the friendly Denaby Secretary Steve Pugh, where I bought a mug and a couple of programmes, then went and had a nice cuppa coffee before kick off.

I wasnt sure to what standard I was to see today, but it was of a very good standard with both teams wanting to play good football, with the visitors top of the league but homesters just behind in 2nd place with 2 games in hand, but by the end opf the 90 minutes, Denaby had leapfrogged their opponents to top the division, so as they say, the Championship is in their hands at the moment.

Denaby were delighted with a turnout of a crowd of approx 80 watching today and they put up a good display to send everyone happy(apart from the opponents of course.)

Denaby seem to want to progress both on and off the field and have a good committee who want to do things the correct way and I really hope they succeed.

Pics from todays match can be found on this link

Denaby United FC Website

Friday, 13 April 2012


Well I got the e-mail this morning from TV2 Norway.

Here it is.

Hi Rob!

How are you? Hope everything’s alright on your end.

Sorry about the delay, but we’ve now gotten it out on the net. We’ve shown the story on a weekly football show we’ve got, and a shorter version of it on the news as well. And this weekend it will be on before one of the Premier League games as well. So there will be quite a number of people in Norway that’s seen pictures from the groundhop.

Let me know if this doesn’t work over in England.

And thank you very much again for letting us take part, we enjoyed it very much.


Monday, 9 April 2012

Southwell Scrape a Victory..Just!


Well with no camera today due to the poor weather conditions, it was off to Southwell City FC, where I began the blog mid-season and they started the Charity amount rolling.

As normal I was greeted with open arms by the friendly Southwell Committee and offer a cuppa, was soon joined by local Newark Based Hopper Herbie and his lovely wife Sue.

I took my standing position outside behind the goal under the only place to shelter from the rain and having seen Kimberley recently concede 11 and 10 goals was looking forward to a bucketful, this was soon put to rest when after just 20 minutes, Kimberley took a shock lead(though some may not say a shock as their only victory this season was against Southwell). Southwell did everything apart from score as Kimberley weathered the storm.

Kimberley held the lead at half time, inbetween I'd wont he raffle..a bottle f wine, as I'm not a wine drinker, I donated it back for the next match prize. Southwell re-organised in the Second Half and threw players forward and missed chance after chance until after 60 minutes, a long range shot along the floor slid under the new Kimberley keeper to level the scores.

With just ten minutes remaining, Southwell got a corner, and played it short to a player who chipped the ball against the post, whilst the away keeper and defender got tangled and the ball bounced off the post on to the defender and over the line.

Kimberley gave debuts to a few new players and may have got a point on another day but a gritty performance by Southwell saw them gain the points.

A mention must go to Ref Rob Townsend and Assistant Gareth Moffitt and Derek Brumpton on keeping this a moving game rather than a stop start match in trying conditions on a heavy pitch.

Saturday, 7 April 2012



Well Thoresby CW must be sick of the sight of me, as I've seen them 4 this season and they have lost 3 times, they have only lost 4 times all season!

Well I'd not been to Clipstone this season and this being their last home League match, I decided to attend the North Notts Derby against close visitors Thoresby.

Was greeted as I entered the ground by the 3 officials and by Mr Clipstone himself Barry Clarke and Clippo Secretary Les Graham and was given a refreshing cuppa..I'd only seen Clippo once this season and that was when they won 8-3 away at Parkhouse FC.

At kick off, I made my way in to the stand and sat amongst the famous "Clippo Pensioners"(a passionate group they are and are always up for a laugh and a bit of light hearted banter).

The game saw Clipstone mainly creating all the chances and missing them as well and just when it looked destined for a goalless first half, a cross came in and was bicycle kicked past the visiting keeper.

Half time and the programmes had arrived, maybe a tad later than usual, but at least Clipstone had produced one to their credit, again a nice cuppa in the hospitality suit was kindly received before I took up my position behind the goal.

The Second Half was a lot more exciting than the first and it came as no surprise when Clipstone doubled their lead after 65 minutes.

Clipstone play their final league match next saturday away at Yorkshire Main and then must wait and see if the other clubs who have 5 or 6 games in hand can catch them for the Central Midlands North Division Championship.

Pics from the game can be viewed at this link

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Clifton FC in Double Evan


I re-visited Clifton FC as they had been voted the winners of the Bonanza Trophy by the Groundhoppers on the CMFL Bonanza a couple of weeks ago.

On arrival, I met long time friend Steve Hardy and then saw inside the clubhouse Lowestoft Hopper  "John Stancombe" and his dog, he didnt see me, as I hid!

The teams came out and after the handshakes, a 2 minutes silence took place in respect of CMFL Referee and CMFL Referee's Association Chairman Roger Evans who sadly collapsed and passed away as he blew the final whistle after last saturdays match.

Clifton took the game as expected to their bottom of the table visitors and on 11 minutes took the lead..Kimberley then played a lot better than I had seen them only a few weeks ago and with a new keeper who made a few saves were still in the game until the 39th minute when Clifton FC scored 3 goals just before half time.

The home side added further pressure and with home striker Michael Evans running the Kimberley defence all over the place was soon putting the ball in the back of the net. Kimberley didnt give up and at 6-0, one of their players took a excellent shot which left the home keeper standing watching as it went in to the net. 

Clifton wasnt going to take their foot off the peddle and pushed forward and with the last kick off the game made it double figures to win 10-1, with Michael Evans scoring 5.

Link to pics from the match

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pinxton Set Up League Cup Semi Date


Tonight, I went over the £500 mark for the Blog Charity when the 5th goal went in. 

Newark Town man Richard Lane picked me up and with a car full, with his son Ricky being home from Uni in Eastbourne and Newark Town Sec Mick Bradley and another Newark Town Supporter, we headed off down the A38 to the Wharf Lane Ground, the home of Pinxton FC for this CMFL Quarter Final League Cup Replay.

A minutes silence was well respected by all in the ground for CMFL Referees Association Chairman Roger Evans who passed away after blowing the final whistle on the pitch on Saturday at South Normanton Reserves v Borrowash Victoria Reserves before tonight's kick off.

The game started at a quick pace and Newark could have taken the lead after just 20 seconds but for the Pinxton keeper to come to the rescue of his team and Newark was bossing the game when they scored..Pinxton stepped up their game and around the 30 minute mark were on level terms, but better was to come when a shot out of nowhere hit the back of the net, leaving the hapless Newark goalkeeper stood just watching to give Pinxton a half time lead of 2-1.

Shortly after my half time coffee, it was soon to be 3-1 as Pinxton scrambled the ball over the line, Newark tried to push forward but this left gaps at the back to which Pinxton used to their advantage and scored again, the Newark beach didnt seem too happy with the referee who I felt had a good game and couldnt see too much of what he was doing wrong.

Just before the end, Newark refiled in a free kick from 20 yards out to reduce the arrears and Pinxton now face Clifton FC in the Semi Final.

Great night spent in the Company of Malc Storer & Kev Goodman, Rob Townsend & Kev Guise, Richard & Ricki Lane, Mick Bradley and others who read this blog.

Pics kindly taken by Mark Hackett 


Clifton FC v Clipstone Welfare
Dronfield Town FC v Westella & Willerby FC

(Ties to be played on Neutral Grounds to be announced)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sad Day for the CMFL


Football took second place today, as when I got home, I received a phone call to tell me that CMFL Referee's Chairman Roger Evans had collapsed and passed away after Refereeing the South Normanton Reserves match. I had known Roger for getting on for ten years and whilst I was on the CMFL Committee, he had invited me to the CMFL Referees Meetings over the years. Always a kind word to say and time to have a chat with everyone. RIP Roger.

We visited Belper United for the first time, as they may well be moving soon, it was a bit of a devil to find, as the postcode was found on the sat-nav.we then found the ground and I got a programme and then went and had a chat with ref Tim Walker and his assistants Robin Bourne and Chris Haywood before the teams came out.

The First Half playing down the slope, Belper created a few good chances and should have gone in at half time at least a goal to the good, but the second half was a different story with Pinxton carving out the better chances but chance after chance went a begging until the 87th Minute, when from a corner, the ball was palmed on to the crossbar and a Pinxton player following up bungled the ball over the line to claim the three points.

In the pub afterwards, I had a drink with the 3 officials and for some reason unknown, I always tend to call Robin Bourne, Roger and he always corrects me and we smile about it, today we wasnt aware of what had sadly happened just a few miles away..Mine and Hazel's thoughts are with Rogers family at this sad time of loss.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

An Evening With Dave Bassett

Harworth Colliery FC are pleased to announce an evening with Dave Bassett to be held in our Welfare Hall on Thursday 19th April 2012. £20.00 per ticket, includes pie and peas and a pint. There will also be a quiz, auction, raffle and much more. Anyone interested please contact Secretary Simon Stones on 07854036168 or

Sunday, 18 March 2012


FRIDAY 16th MARCH 2012

Bilborough Pelican 3 Belper United 1
Attendance 144
Bilborough Pelican Scorers:(Joe Ashurst 22, Danny Blanchard 45, Dave Udoh 67)
Belper United Scorer: (Kyle Wadsworth 12)


Clifton FC 3 Real United 0
Attendance: 267
Clifton Scorers: (Atkins 52 C Anderson 61 Richardson 90)

Basford United 4 Nottinghamshire Police 1
Attendance: 268
Basford United FC Scorers: (Holt 38 Horton 52 79 Hastings 90)
Nottingham Police Scorer:  (Alves 9)

Dronfield Town 4 Thoresby CW 1
Attendance: 276
Dronfield Town FC Scorers:  (Doran 15 90 Gange 48 67)
Thoresby CW FC Scorer:  (House 60)

Glapwell FC 0 Parkhouse FC 2
Attendance: 201
Parkhouse FC Scorers: (Clay 23 Wain 73)

A superb weekend enjoyed by all..Felt all the clubs really did well and was well organised and greeted all the hoppers and nothing was too much.

A big thankyou to all who attended and me and Hazel would like to thank everyone who donated towards the Charity..We raised £189!!!!!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Calverton Hit Kimberley for Eleven


We entered The Stag Ground, the home of Kimberley Town and was greeted by Pat and was soon served with a nice cup of coffee and Shawn was happy with his Rolos and a can of pop..went outside and had a chat with Pat's Hubby Graeme who today was Manager, bucketman, Groundsman they keep this club running on their own, I've no idea, but week in week out, they turn up. recently they have lost the core of their team and have no goalkeeper at present, so had to have a young lad in goal today.

Then had a good chat with Ref Tim Walker and his assistants, before they went off to get changed.

On paper it was bottom versus third from bottom and I had a fear of seeing my 1st nil nil of the season, this was soon lifted in the 1st 5 minutes after the visitors had raced in to a early two goal lead. Calverton continued to use the wingers and cause problems and Kimberley were second best and soon it was 5-0 as the Half Time whistle went.

I thought oh well Calverton have to play up the slope in the Second Half and Kimberley had possibly the best of the first 10 minutes of the half, but then it was full service for Calverton as they pressed the hosts back and added to their goal tally time and time again.

It is so sad to see Kimberley Town beaten like this, as it really is a place I like to visit and me and Hazel have become good friends of Graeme & Pat over the years, that is so hard on them..we can only hope that things do take a good turn for them and the club.

Kimberley Town FC Websites

Calverton Miners Welfare FC

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What Happened at Pinxton

Floodlit Cup South: Quarter Final
Attendance: approx 100

Richard Lane picked me up at about 6.50pm and we both expected a tight match with even Extra Time. On entering the ground, Richard shot off to get a programme, as last time he visited they had run out, whilst I took a stroll down to the tea bar area and said hello to Sutton Sec Tim and some of the Pinxton folks, then I bumped in to Evening Post Brian(who hasnt been too well of late, but is feeling a bit better now) and Pete Chappell(who's Bonanza Tickets had arrived earlier that morning in the post). After a cuppa coffee, I headed up to the pitchside and met up with Malc & Kev, Tony and his friend from Heanor and before joining them, I had a chat with South Normanton Manager/Owner Phil Bailey and a elderly chap who is always at Normo.

I joined the gang and Pinxton seemed to just be edging the opening minutes, when Sutton broke and they were in front. Pinxton tried to hit back quick and the ball bounced off the bar after a strong shot from outside the box. Sutton replied by going down the other end and it was 0-2. Pinxton pushed forward and then had a double block off the line and again Sutton went down the other end and scored again..this was very odd..Pinxton 3 down in a very even game, but worse was to come before half time, when Sutton with their 4th effort of the match made it 4-0.

At half time, the jokes came about can Pinxton do a Arsenal and claw back 4 goals, well after a coffee. it as time to find out, the answer was very fast, it was to be no, as Sutton was awarded a penalty to which they duly scored..the chatting was going on around me in the good company and Brett Marshall informed us that Clifton was 2 up at Greenwood Meadows, not too much of a shock to me, having seen Clifton a few times this season.

Sutton added another couple and Pinxton got on the scoresheet, but no expected this type of scoreline at all.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Athletic Keep Up the Chase at Newark

Attendance 56

Having not visited Station Road, the home of Newark Town for a couple of seasons, I felt it time to go and with them selves and their visitors chasing the League title before the start of the match, it looked as if this was the match to pick.

On arrival at the gate was my long time friend and Newark Town Committee Man/Press Reporter/Programme Editor Richard Lane, we went and parked up the car and I then had a quick chat with some of the South Normanton Committee and some of their players before chatting with Newark Sec Mick Bradley and local referee Steve Collingham who pulled a leg injury last week at Southwell City.

I went and joined Richard at the gate and shared a few jokes with a old fella who never misses a home match, before being joined by Johnno who always seem to think I'm a jinx..well everytime I see Newark Town, they seem to lose..ermm they lost again today as well, so looks like another 2 years to stay away!

Went and had a coffee in the clubhouse before the game and spoke with Gerry Williams who was club sec when the CMFL club Collingham FC played at the ground..He is still groundsman at this lovely ground and does bits and bobs still.

The players came out and the visitors were first out the blocks with Adam Nicholls firing them in front and the game was very even in the First Half.

The Second Half, Newark Town played a very dangerous off side defence and it held firm and did its job until Adam Nicholls ran through  to tap in a second. With time ticking down, striker Danny Briscoe came one on one with the home keeper and rounded him and hit the ball home.

The home side with 15 minutes to play, then started to show why they have done so will this season and seemed to up their game and ran at the Normanton defence and with 3 minutes left Simon Ellison reduced the arrears.

Newark Town FC Website

More pics from match

Saturday, 25 February 2012

All Level at the Scooby


Not a very good start to today, as on our drive, we switched on the midday news to hear that the A614 was closed due to a motor cyclist being killed in a road accident, so we cut down country lanes and came out the other side of the road closure and in to a lovely cafe, where we had a hearty breakfast, before furthering our journey to Scooby Road, Harworth.

On arrival, we met the friendly Rob Dawson, a friend for a number of years now, who sadly isnt in the best of health, we had a chin wag outside the clubhouse, before being joined by club secretary Simon Stones, who took us inside for a cuppa.

About 20 minutes to kick off,  re-joined Rob D at the pay enterance, where above the slates you could just see his cowboy hat keeping his head warm as he was sat on his scooter trying to keep warm.

A gentleman came on with a bag on his shoulder..could this be a groundhopper??? Soon as I asked where he was from, I realised it was Boyspen from the Non League Matters Forum so we had a good little chat and as I was taking the Harworth team pic, I invited him on the pitch to take a pic as well.

The game kicked off and within 30 seconds, Harworth gained their first corner, which resulted in the attacker headed narrowly wide. Harworth had the early presure but were caught out by ex player Danny Rhodes who ran through the home midfield and defence before being bought down for a penalty..Up stepped Bentley's captain Matt Brown to put the visitors in front.

Harworth poured forward and nearly came back on level terms when a shot smashed against the crossbar with the away keeper beaten...With half time looming, Gareth Sides played the ball square for Jordan Pickering to lash home.

The temperture began to drop, and so did the football on the pitch in the Second Half, as a mixture of each side cancelled each other out and poor passing breaking down, though you had the feeling that Bentley may just nick it at the end on a counter attack.

After the match, me, Hazel and Shawn had a drink in the clubhouse and was invited to partake in Sausage, Chips and Beans which was very nice from this friendly club.. Always like going there.

Pics from todays match

Harworth CI Website

Bentley Colliery Website


Football players and Groundhoppers will find themselves as TV stars in Norway after Norwegian Channel TV2 announced it will be sending over a TV crew for the Ninth Annual Windsor Foods Service Central Midlands Football League Bonanza weekend.

The eagerly awaited Groundhoppers feast of games takes place on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March with the usual one match on the Friday evening and four on the Saturday.

The weekend kicks off on Friday 16th at Bilborough Pelican who have re-entered the Central Midlands League, who welcome newcomers Belper United with a 7.45pm kick off.

Though the Bonanza has visited this ground in the past, Pelican have altered their name to Bilborough Pelican and this match will be played under floodlights.

On Saturday 17th, there is a coach available on a first booking service, but with few seats left through Bonanza Organiser Rob Hornby, departing and returning to Nottingham Railway Station.

The First match on the Saturday sees two new sides face each other when Clifton FC host Real United in a local Derby with a 10.10am kick off. Another two new clubs face each other with Basford United hosting Nottinghamshire Police at 1pm.

The Bonanza then heads into Derbyshire to take in Dronfield Town v Thoresby CW for a 4.30pm kick off, before heading for a local derby final match where Glapwell FC play host to Parkhouse FC with a 7.30pm kick off.

Advanced Tickets for the weekend are just £15, which gains you entry to all five matches and a pack of all five programmes. Coach Travel for the Saturday is £15 per seat. Some clubs will be charging £1 for car parking on the day.

Organiser Rob Hornby states “ The Central Midlands Football League Bonanza has always been well supported by football fans from all around the world and this year is no exception with people having already booking from as far away as Sweden and Germany, as well as all four corners of the UK, including possibly the World’s oldest Groundhopper who is aged a young 90!

We are looking in the range of 250 to 300+ attending the matches, which is vital for small clubs who struggle for money in these hard times. By buying the Advanced ticket, it helps all 10 clubs involved, as paying on the day, helps just the host clubs, so buying a Advanced Ticket gives something to all 10 clubs, so they all get a fair bite of the cake”.

For more information on the Bonanza, you can e-mail or phone Rob Hornby on 01623 486678 or 07973517603.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Clifton FC set up away day for Local Derby

Notts FA Senior Cup: Round Three

As always a nice welcome at the Norman Archer Ground, the home of Clifton FC and I am sure that in 4 weeks time that they will make all the Hoppers welcome.Whilst in the clubhouse, I met No Progs and his friend and also Hodders from the famous Non League Matters Forum and we all spent the match in such good company together.

CMFL South club Clifton FC beat CMFL North clubThoresby CW in a five goal thriller to set up a Notts FA Senior Cup Quarter Final tie away at local derby rivals Greenwood Meadows FC.

The first 20 minutes was a midfield battle, with neither teams giving a lot away, but then we had a 5 minute goal spell with Clifton taking the lead following a re-bounded effort, within 2 minutes, the away side was back on level terms, but there was no time to draw breathe, as the Whites broke to restore their goal advantage.

In for a half time coffee, free thanks to the Clifton Chairman before venturing back for the second half, whilst my coffee was still hot, Clifton attacked and extended their lead on 47 minutes.The game could have altered just after, as Clifton were reduced to ten men when a second yellow card was shown, shortly after Thoresby pulled a goal back, so to set up a grand finale, but Clifton defended well and also broke well on the attack.

Just before the end of the game, a nasty two footed challenge by a away player not only saw him hurt himself but also resulted in a red card, the clifton player who re-acted received a yellow when most in the ground expected a double sending off.

Pics from todays match can be viewed at

Clifton FC's Website

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Eastwood Snipe Sutton Out Of The Cup

Sutton Town AFC 3 Eastwood Town 5
Notts FA Senior Cup: Round Three
Admission: £5/£3
Programme: £1
Large Coffee: 60p
Attendance: Approx: 60

With no footie for ten days, a local match to my house saw a rare stroll out midweek, as Shawn is of school and Hazel could drop me of and pick me up later in the evenng. I arrived a bit early at the ground and was invited into the committee hospitality room for a pre-match coffee.

As I left the committee room, I met Sheffgeoff and we had a natter
before spending some time with Wheelchair Trev and had a good chat and catch up about all things going on and asked if he had seen his weeks Mansfield Chad, where the CMFL Bonanza had taken half a page with the excitement of a film crew coming from Norways TV2 Channel. Just before kick off came in good friends Malc & Kev, with the greetings of "Oh no what you doing here, I'm off to get my gate money back" A few grumbles were going round the crowd about Sutton charging £5 enterence for tonights match, whilst at Basford the night beore and also at Newark Town they were only charging £3.

As I was entering the stand I saw someone waving to me, but couldnt see who it was, as he was standing near a light, so I strolled over and it was Pete who I stood with throughout the match, whilst chatting in the First Half, a chap next to me asked if I was Rob and he remarked that he had pm'd me about CMFL Fixtures only a few days before, I realised it was Ian S and we had a chat and was joined by Sheffgeoff.

The match began very lively with Sutton taking a early lead, but it didnt last for long, as Eastwood were on level terms within minutes. Then the home keeper made a bit of a mess of a clearence and was left in no mans land when the ball was hit goalbound from the wing, only for a sutton player to make a superb one handed save on the line, the only problem was, he wasnt the goalkeeper, so Ref Sean Richardson had no choice but to award the player with a red card and award a penalty, to which Eastwood took the lead. But all credit to the Snipes as they pressed forward and just before half time go a deserved equaliser.

The second half, Eastwood made the man advantage pay and scored another 3 goals and Sutton tried to plug away and got a consolation goal towards the end.

Sutton can hold their heads high after a galliant display against a club 4 levels above them and went away wondering if they had kept 11 players on the pitch if a shock would have take place.

Sutton Town AFC Website

Eastwood Town FC Website

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Town knock United out the Cup


With match after match being called off, my main worry was have I got to watch Sky Sports today, then I thought I would look at what was on the 3g pitch in West Bridgford. 3g like it or hate it, if nothing else is on, then you know its a safe bet to get a game in.

Today Nottingham United Reserves hosted Dronfield Town Reserves, with the away team in a division above, so it was on the Pronto bus fro Mansfield to Nottingham, then another free bus that took me from Victoria to Angel Row, then the number 2 bus that dropped me near the ground, when I got a phonecall from Not'm United Sec to ask where I was and to get off the bus and they would pick me up(I was only 2 stops away from the ground).

The game kicked off on a green pitch and on 10 minutes, the home team took the lead, was thee to be a shock on the cards..Dronfield hit back with a quick substitution and before long were level, as I was chatting away to Heanor Town supporter Tony Squires. I also spotted Pete from Mansfield Woodhouse and asked if he had a spare seat in his car after the match, also spoke to Steve from Sheffield. Half time came and so did the snow, the lines were somewhere under te snow but no one knew where, so throws in were taken somewhere near to certain points of the game, the crowd of 19 people felt the referee may blow his whistle anytime and call it a day, but all credit to him, he carried this decent game on. Dronfield must have felt it wasnt going to be their day, as chance after chance went amiss and towards the end Notingham went forward and went very close, but in the 88th minute, the visitors poured forward and won the tie. On the final whistle, the ref called back the home keeper and showed him the yellow card, resulting in quite a few of the home players and the home secretary surrounding him, this was a pity, as I felt the ref did a good job today.

Central Midlands Football League Bonanza 2012 Tickets Now On Sale

Central Midlands Football League Bonanza 2012 Tickets Now On Sale

I am pleased to announce that for the 9th season the Windsor Food Service Central Midlands Football League will be holding it's annual Bonanza Event set over the weekend of Friday 16th March/Saturday 17th March 2012.

Groundhoppers and football supporters from all over the world will travel across Nottingham and Derbyshire on this occasion, with the coach on the Saturday leaving from Midland Railway Station in Nottingham, where most of the Hoppers will be based.
The Fixtures are as follows:

Friday 16th March 2012
Bilborough Pelican v Belper United 7.45pm

Saturday 17th March 2012
Clifton FC v Real United 10.10am
Basford United v Notts Police 1.00pm
Dronfield Town v Thoresby CW 4.30pm
Glapwell FC v Parkhouse FC 7.30pm

Advanced Tickets are on sale and  include a entry to all 5 matches and also a pack of 5 matchday programmes for a bargain £15. 
There is also coach travel on Saturday from Nottingham Railway Station for just £15 for the day, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

For Booking Form or more information, please send a e-mail marked CMFL Bonanza 2012 to

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Clipstone Welfare Are In Seventh Heaven


With Hazel gong to London for the weekend with her daughter to a West End Show for her 50th Birthday, I was going to catch he bus down the road to Glapwell v Bentley Colliery but this was postponed around 10am this morning, so I thought who has always said if I'm ever stuck, give them a ring, so I gave Barry Clarke from Clipstone a bell and arranged to meet him.

This match looked like it could well be a close encounter and the early exchanges proved this, with both sides going close to opening the scoring. After 20 minutes, the deadlock was broken when Lee Clay put Parkhouse in to the lead. Soon after it may have well been 2-0 when a low ball passed though the 6 yard line with the attacker just failing to supply the finishing touch.

Clipstone then stepped up a gear and began to show why they are the League Leaders and were soon on level terms when Mark Carter headed home from close distance. Within 5 minutes, Mark Carter had headed Clipstone in front from a identicial postion.

Parkhouse then pressed forward and a harmless shot by Matt Shaw slid under the body of keeper Steven Boot to make it 2-2. Carl Haslam making his debut for Clipstone who had been a menace running at the Parkhouse defence, then lashed the ball home before Mark Carter finished the half with his hat trick and increase his teams lead to 4-2.

Second Half kicked off and Clipstone poured forward and by the hour found themselves 7-2 up with further goals from Mark Carter & Sean Vella & James McCann and it was a matter of how many, but then with a few subsitutes the game quieten down for a few minutes and the home side began to play their best football of the match gaining two more goals from Lee Clay with him having a hat trick.

I felt the young Referee was excellent today with no cards shown, so well down to him and this was helped by 2 good football clubs who just wanted to play good attractive football in the right way.

Meanwhile, Parkhouse FC have set a valuable new phone line that updates news, so if there is a pitch inspection or if the game is on or off information and also if you need to talk to someone at the club, you can leave a message and they will ring you back.

Photo's from todays match

Parkhouse FC Website

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Thoresby win the North Notts Derby


Well today it was off to a local North Notinghamshire derby between Thoresby Colliery Welfare and Ollerton Town, the clubs are approx only 3 miles apart in distance.

The 2 teams met earlier in the season in the CMFL League Cup with Thoresby running out victors 2-0, so with Ollerton winning 6-1 in midweek in the Floodlit Cup against Clipstone Welfare, this would be a interesting game.

Arrived at the ground and was met by a few of the Ollerton Management and Officials before I went in to the Thoresby Clubhouse for a cuppa and a chat with club sec Shaun Wragg. He told me a hopper had rung him at 11.30am to check the match was on. At approx 1.15pm walked in my good old friend from Bolton, Paul from the Northern Counties West League with his 6 year old grandson(who ate a world record number of Kit Kats before the match).

The game started brightly with both teams attacking and chances gong begging at both ends of the pitch until after 30 minutes Thoresby broke the deadlock with a fierce looking shot from the number four from outside a crowded penalty area that ended up in the net.

The teams matched each other in the Second Half, but on the hour, the Home attacker was slightly late on a challenge and the referee produced a second yellow card followed by a red.

Ollerton pushed forward with the man advantage and had a goal bound shot headed off the line, whilst Thoresby played on the counter attack and stuck the post from 20 yards out with the keeper beaten.

A very good keenly contested match by 2 teams that wanted to play in somewhat or weather conditions during the game.

Photos from the game can be found on

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Real Home Loss to Belper


Well as many of you now, I'm back on crutches after a bad fit earlier in the week, so does that make me a proper Hopper now!

Look where to go today, I saw that 2 of the away clubs that are on the CMFL Bonanza in March was facing each other, so felt this would be a good time to meet both the clubs.

On arrival at the Car Park, all the Belper lads had arrived and I went over and introduced myself to the managers. As I walked in to the Centre, I was met by a jolly chap who turned out to be the Real United Manager followed by the Chairman Roger Henry.

We went down to the canteen area and I was soon met by local hopper Pete Chappell and then by Ollie and the Chesterfield gang. The young lady turned up who had at the CMFL Clubs Bonanza meeting back in September, she then kindly made me and Hazel a lovely cuppa.

Well off out to take the 2 team pics and then I got blamed by the hoppers, as the game kicked off a whole minute late...the game started very even on the 3G pitch and both teams looked very good going for every ball. The home keeper was called in to action, but then just as the Chesterfield gang offered me a sweet, the ball came over for a corner and a Belper player headed in to the net..sadly it was the wrong net..This seemed to fire the homester up and they had the ball in the net again, but this time the Assistant Ref had his flag held high, so it didnt count. Real carried on a well placed header made it 2-0 on the half hour mark.

Belper werent going to give up and with ex Ilkeston Town player Hemmings began to run the show, spraying some nice passes across the midfield. 40 minutes gone and Belper were back in the game with a goal.

Half time chat with the Belper United Sec Colin Davis and he seemed quite confident that his club could fight back and get something out of the game, but as we all know football can sometimes be a funny game.

The Second Half kicked off and Belper took to the attack and on 51 minutes were on level terms. Real pushed forward but shots were going astray in this half. Belper at this stage looked likely victors and with the strong sun beating down at the Becket School end they took the lead for the first time in the match after 62 minutes.

Real pushed men forward but shot were blocked or the away keeper was catching the ball clean from crosses. Belper then secured the points on 76 minutes when scoring their fourth.

The Real sub was very unlucky not to have reduced the arrears on 87 minutes when his diagonal shot beat everyone and hit the inside of the post ad bounced back to the keeper.

The Young Referee James Shipley and his two Assistants should also get a mention, as you didnt notice them, they were first class today.

After the match, it was back to the pub and a quick meeting with both clubs about the CMFL Bonanza, both clubs are really excited about being part of it, so if you havent already purchased your Advanced Ticket for the 5 matches at a bargain £15, then please contact me on  
please remember by purchasing the Advanced Ticket it does help all 10 clubs taking part and for away clubs like Real United and Belper United  kicking off at 10.10am on a Saturday Morning and Friday evening at 7.45pm, it would be very difficult to stage a Bonanza.

Photos from todays match 

Real United FC Website

Saturday, 7 January 2012

United Hit 05 For Five

Nottingham United 5 FC05 Bilsthorpe 1
Central Midlands League Cup 2nd Round Tie

A few months ago, Nottingham United Chairman Mark Hartnall invited me to a home Nottingham United match and today I took up his offer, since i last saw Nottingham United play, former Kirkby Town Chairman Andy Cruddace has taken up the managers reigns and on todays evidence the team looked very good.

On arrival, I was greeted firstly by the 3 officials for todays game, Rob Rees the ref and his assistants Roger Evans and Paul Vallis and sat and had a coffee with them. Rob told me that he often reads my blog and he would make a donation and true to his word sent me £5. Roger said he would match 25p a goal from todays game which he did and Paul also make a donation..thankyou lads.

With Nottingham United's team pics taken, I made my way to the stand out of the blustery wind and to converse in conversation with Tristron Burrell's family, who asked me to send them a team pic, but with him scoring a first half hat trick, I think they may be interested in more than the one shot! I then spotted a lovely lady who always makes me a lovely cuppa coffee when I visit Bilsthorpe and she asked me to get a shot of number 7 Nick could I fail to disappoint this lady.

The game kicked off and United took the game to FC and won a couple of corners that were safely dealt with, until the first corner from the right hand side was headed in by a defender in to his own net. A bit of scratching of heads by the away team and they tried to push forward but this left room at the back and after 16 minutes that boy Burrell made it 2-0. Nottingfham United seemed to grow in confidence and play the ball about and on 26 minutes, Burrell made it 3-0 and it seemed game over. Well I looked at my watch and seemed like to was cuppa coffee time and whilst walking down the far end that lad Burrell completed his hat trick to make it 4-0 at half time.

Second Half and FC05 seemed to come out with a lot more passion and made a few more chances and in the 54th minute reduced the arrears when rolling the ball in to a empty net..was the fight back on..with Wayne Savage leading the front line, he blasted a shot well over the bar and would have been interesting if it had gone in, but after 70 minutes United's Sub Brooks hot a dripping shot that looped over the away keeper to make it 5-1.

Must say all 3 officials were First class today and didnt hear any player moan at any of them this afternoon, which makes a change and even in the bar afterwards both sets of teams came up to the officials table to say thankyou.

Photo's from todays match can be viewed on

Nottingham United Website

FC05 Bilsthorpe Website