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Wednesday 7 March 2012

What Happened at Pinxton

Floodlit Cup South: Quarter Final
Attendance: approx 100

Richard Lane picked me up at about 6.50pm and we both expected a tight match with even Extra Time. On entering the ground, Richard shot off to get a programme, as last time he visited they had run out, whilst I took a stroll down to the tea bar area and said hello to Sutton Sec Tim and some of the Pinxton folks, then I bumped in to Evening Post Brian(who hasnt been too well of late, but is feeling a bit better now) and Pete Chappell(who's Bonanza Tickets had arrived earlier that morning in the post). After a cuppa coffee, I headed up to the pitchside and met up with Malc & Kev, Tony and his friend from Heanor and before joining them, I had a chat with South Normanton Manager/Owner Phil Bailey and a elderly chap who is always at Normo.

I joined the gang and Pinxton seemed to just be edging the opening minutes, when Sutton broke and they were in front. Pinxton tried to hit back quick and the ball bounced off the bar after a strong shot from outside the box. Sutton replied by going down the other end and it was 0-2. Pinxton pushed forward and then had a double block off the line and again Sutton went down the other end and scored again..this was very odd..Pinxton 3 down in a very even game, but worse was to come before half time, when Sutton with their 4th effort of the match made it 4-0.

At half time, the jokes came about can Pinxton do a Arsenal and claw back 4 goals, well after a coffee. it as time to find out, the answer was very fast, it was to be no, as Sutton was awarded a penalty to which they duly scored..the chatting was going on around me in the good company and Brett Marshall informed us that Clifton was 2 up at Greenwood Meadows, not too much of a shock to me, having seen Clifton a few times this season.

Sutton added another couple and Pinxton got on the scoresheet, but no expected this type of scoreline at all.

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