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Saturday 31 March 2012

Clifton FC in Double Evan


I re-visited Clifton FC as they had been voted the winners of the Bonanza Trophy by the Groundhoppers on the CMFL Bonanza a couple of weeks ago.

On arrival, I met long time friend Steve Hardy and then saw inside the clubhouse Lowestoft Hopper  "John Stancombe" and his dog, he didnt see me, as I hid!

The teams came out and after the handshakes, a 2 minutes silence took place in respect of CMFL Referee and CMFL Referee's Association Chairman Roger Evans who sadly collapsed and passed away as he blew the final whistle after last saturdays match.

Clifton took the game as expected to their bottom of the table visitors and on 11 minutes took the lead..Kimberley then played a lot better than I had seen them only a few weeks ago and with a new keeper who made a few saves were still in the game until the 39th minute when Clifton FC scored 3 goals just before half time.

The home side added further pressure and with home striker Michael Evans running the Kimberley defence all over the place was soon putting the ball in the back of the net. Kimberley didnt give up and at 6-0, one of their players took a excellent shot which left the home keeper standing watching as it went in to the net. 

Clifton wasnt going to take their foot off the peddle and pushed forward and with the last kick off the game made it double figures to win 10-1, with Michael Evans scoring 5.

Link to pics from the match

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