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Monday 9 April 2012

Southwell Scrape a Victory..Just!


Well with no camera today due to the poor weather conditions, it was off to Southwell City FC, where I began the blog mid-season and they started the Charity amount rolling.

As normal I was greeted with open arms by the friendly Southwell Committee and offer a cuppa, was soon joined by local Newark Based Hopper Herbie and his lovely wife Sue.

I took my standing position outside behind the goal under the only place to shelter from the rain and having seen Kimberley recently concede 11 and 10 goals was looking forward to a bucketful, this was soon put to rest when after just 20 minutes, Kimberley took a shock lead(though some may not say a shock as their only victory this season was against Southwell). Southwell did everything apart from score as Kimberley weathered the storm.

Kimberley held the lead at half time, inbetween I'd wont he raffle..a bottle f wine, as I'm not a wine drinker, I donated it back for the next match prize. Southwell re-organised in the Second Half and threw players forward and missed chance after chance until after 60 minutes, a long range shot along the floor slid under the new Kimberley keeper to level the scores.

With just ten minutes remaining, Southwell got a corner, and played it short to a player who chipped the ball against the post, whilst the away keeper and defender got tangled and the ball bounced off the post on to the defender and over the line.

Kimberley gave debuts to a few new players and may have got a point on another day but a gritty performance by Southwell saw them gain the points.

A mention must go to Ref Rob Townsend and Assistant Gareth Moffitt and Derek Brumpton on keeping this a moving game rather than a stop start match in trying conditions on a heavy pitch.

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