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Thursday 16 February 2012

Eastwood Snipe Sutton Out Of The Cup

Sutton Town AFC 3 Eastwood Town 5
Notts FA Senior Cup: Round Three
Admission: £5/£3
Programme: £1
Large Coffee: 60p
Attendance: Approx: 60

With no footie for ten days, a local match to my house saw a rare stroll out midweek, as Shawn is of school and Hazel could drop me of and pick me up later in the evenng. I arrived a bit early at the ground and was invited into the committee hospitality room for a pre-match coffee.

As I left the committee room, I met Sheffgeoff and we had a natter
before spending some time with Wheelchair Trev and had a good chat and catch up about all things going on and asked if he had seen his weeks Mansfield Chad, where the CMFL Bonanza had taken half a page with the excitement of a film crew coming from Norways TV2 Channel. Just before kick off came in good friends Malc & Kev, with the greetings of "Oh no what you doing here, I'm off to get my gate money back" A few grumbles were going round the crowd about Sutton charging £5 enterence for tonights match, whilst at Basford the night beore and also at Newark Town they were only charging £3.

As I was entering the stand I saw someone waving to me, but couldnt see who it was, as he was standing near a light, so I strolled over and it was Pete who I stood with throughout the match, whilst chatting in the First Half, a chap next to me asked if I was Rob and he remarked that he had pm'd me about CMFL Fixtures only a few days before, I realised it was Ian S and we had a chat and was joined by Sheffgeoff.

The match began very lively with Sutton taking a early lead, but it didnt last for long, as Eastwood were on level terms within minutes. Then the home keeper made a bit of a mess of a clearence and was left in no mans land when the ball was hit goalbound from the wing, only for a sutton player to make a superb one handed save on the line, the only problem was, he wasnt the goalkeeper, so Ref Sean Richardson had no choice but to award the player with a red card and award a penalty, to which Eastwood took the lead. But all credit to the Snipes as they pressed forward and just before half time go a deserved equaliser.

The second half, Eastwood made the man advantage pay and scored another 3 goals and Sutton tried to plug away and got a consolation goal towards the end.

Sutton can hold their heads high after a galliant display against a club 4 levels above them and went away wondering if they had kept 11 players on the pitch if a shock would have take place.

Sutton Town AFC Website

Eastwood Town FC Website

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