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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Bilsthorpe Hit Welbeck for Eight


I rang up Welbeck Chair Graham Hall on the morning of the match to find it was on, but was told I'd possibly have to make my own drink as they had no one to run the tea bar, so I asked Hazel if she would come along to run the tea bar for the evening..On arrival, I did the gate and sold the programmes.

There were a few faces there that I knew like Ollie and his friend from Chesterfield and also CMFL regular hopper Richard Lane, plus Simon Matters and his friend and other folks that I knew by face.

The game kicked off and the first goal soon arrived, followed by a second in which the keeper bought down the attacker as he was through on goal but the ball bounced out to a following attacker who made it 0-2.

The goals came at regular intervals and also did the good saves by the Welbeck keeper or it could of been a matter of how many.

You do have to feel a bit sorry for Welbeck as they have now had a few very hard seasons and dont seem to have ever replaced such a good squad when they had the likes of Dean Rick & Carl Haslam in their side.

Well the charity total now goes over £530 with Saturdays match to come, where I am off to Underwood Villa FC

Welbeck Welfare Website 

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