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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Worksop Parramore 1 Rossington Main 4


Last week Worksop Parramore Vice Chairman Max Ross facebooked me to ask when I was going to pay a visit to Worksop Parramore, as I hadnt been to Sandy Lane to sethem this season, though I had seen Worksop Parramore in their first pre-season friendly away at Parkhouse FC. I replied that I would come along when they had a midweek match. Whilst flicking through the internet towards the weekend, I noticed that tonight they were at home to Rossington Main, so I got Hazel to drop me off at Mansfield Woodhouse Train Station and I caught a train to Worksop, then asked a local where the ground was..later I found out that the local sent me the long way round to the ground..he possibly saw the size of my belly and thought that fat chap needs to get some of that weight off him! I found the ground up a giant hill and Max opened the door of the Social Club, where inside we had a chat with owner Pete Whitehead, Steve Smith and of course Max Ross before the players began to trickle in.

I had a couple of pints in the clubhouse and chattered to old friend and one of the Assistant Refs of the night Ian Cox and then had a chat with the band of the friendly committee from Rossington Main.

Then came in to the Clubhouse, Groundhoppers Terry from York and Chris from Southampton and Chris has asked me to send him the info for the upcoming CMFL Bonanza, we had a good chat and then we headed to pitchside.

The game kicked off and Parramore went straight on the attack and could have been 1 up after only 30 seconds but for brave goalkeeping diving at the attackers feet and smothering the ball. The game then went end to end and it was a very good open game, then on 32 minutes, the visitors broke free and fired them selves in to the lead. Parramore seemed a bit taken back by this and seemed to not offer much in return as Rossington pushed forward on the counter attack and on 44 minutes doubled their lead.

Parramore came out the Second Half a lot more fired up and reigned attack after attack on the Main defence and eventually on 53 minutes pulled themselves back in it when the centre half came up and planted a superb header in to the back of the net. At this stage, it looked as if the homesters may just fight back and equalise and possibly take control of the game, but the visitors had other ideas and broke well and scored a very well worked 3rd goal that seemed to dent the home side. The visitors for a young side played with a lot of confidence and knocked the ball around well, whilst Parramore was struggling to string the passes together and play the football that has put them towards the top of the table, so it came as no surprise in the 88th minute that Rossington scored yet again and killed the game off and took home the three pints that they well deserved.

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