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Wednesday 26 October 2011

Stamford Keep up the Challenge

Admission £7(ticket kindly left by AFC Manager Dan Pheasant)
Programme £2 (poor)
Bovril £1
Attendance: 171

About 5 weeks ago before I went on holiday, Gary Salisbury appeared on my Facebook, a name I knew from years ago, infact him and his dad used to run the Clubshop at Stamford and I've known them for getting on over 20 plus years.

When getting back from Cornwall, Gary had left me a message, as asking if I'd like to go to this evening's match and that him and his dad Dave would pick me up on route, to which I replied, I'd love to meet up with you both, as its been about 12 years since we last saw each other.

Well Gary isnt the little kid I used to know anymore, infact he is 32 years old and not long before he becomes a dad..He is now the Media Officer at Stamford, whilst his dad Dave is a director.

Dave and Gary arrived at my house and we set off the 7 miles to Watnall Road, the home of Hucknall Town FC, chatting away about what had happened in our lives since we had last all seen each other. Dan Pheasant the AFC Hucknall Manager, I'd seen at Clifton on Saturday, said he would try and get me a ticket in to the ground for tonight's match, so I asked at the gate and the gateman sent me in to the clubhouse to look for Ali, the kindly spoken bearded man confirmed my name was on the list and to go straight in, where Gary was waiting the other side.

We strolled up to the Half way line and gathered with some more Stamford supporters, then along came Malc Storer who I introduced to a few people, I noticed that Malc had jotted down the team numbers on his pad and asked if he wanted the line - up's as Gary had the Official team sheet.

At half time, it was nil nil and thats about how many shots there was in the half! was it me? was i going to see my 1st 0-0 of the very much looked likely. Was going to walk over to the tea bar on the other side of the ground and saw the queue, when a Stamford supporter said, they sell drinks in the club shop, so went in and asked for a black coffee..sorry its got powdered milk in! ok have you got black! we got bovril, thats not got milk in..I bloody well hope it aint, so bovril it was.

Coming back outside, we bumped back in to Malc Storer, who seemed of the same opinion as me, he said I could have been watching sky now in the warmth of my living room..I remarked..not Man City again..he Real Madrid! and off he went in to the darkness.

The game kicked off and I started to head to the far end of the ground, when Nat Watson, who has just signed for Stamford hit a crisp 40 yarder, which somehow slid under the keeper to give the visitors the lead on 47 minutes.

As I caught up with the away supporters on 50 minutes, the ball was played from the middle to the wing and a low cross was turned past his own keeper by the Home number 2 to double the visitors lead.

Hucknall then huffed and puffed, but their shooting was a bit to be desired, with the ball going out the ground, hitting the fencing at the back of the goal and not really testing the keeper, so all in all a good three points for Stamford who keep up their challenge towards the top of the table.

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Stamford Website

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