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Tuesday 4 October 2011



After visiting Okehampton AFC last Easter, my wife Hazel wanted to visit Okehampton Town Centre to look round the shops, so after a nice breakfast in a nice busy café in Okehampton and a shock of finding Car Parking at only £2.20 for the whole day, we walked round this lovely town, before in the afternoon heading down the A30 to Launceston Town Centre to visit a few of their shops.

We arrived at Launceston FC Car Park at 5.50pm and sat in the car until we saw the clubhouse open up just after 6pm, on arrival inside, we was made very welcome and I soon found the lovely lady I’d spoken to the evening before in the kitchen who had sorted me some programmes out for the CMFL Bonanza Charity Stall…We then had a coffee and a couple of teas and pop for Shawn and came to a cheap amount of only £2. Whilst chatting as you do, I mentioned it must have been 12 years since I had been to the ground and that was when they held their Groundhop match and I remember a young attractive lady who was the Managers daughter being the Programme Editor, the lady then replied that was her and she was still doing the programme! Hey and what a great programme she does as well.

Then a chap popped in to the clubhouse and approached me and asked for me by name, well on the Cornwall Football Forum over the weekend some one was throwing 15 years of programmes away and wanted to know if they were any used to anyone, so I private messaged the gentleman and explained what games I would be attending whilst on holiday, little did I kn0ow until I got talking to him that he was the Referee at last week’s match I watched at Penzance FC and he lived just round the corned from Launceston FC’s Ground, so a big thank you to him for the 4 large carrier bags of programmes from him. 

As I walked back to the car, I bumped in to old friend Mike Sampson and his friend David, we all headed in to the clubhouse where I ordered 3 x Pie & Chips and 1x Chips for the cheap price of £7 and they were First Class.

Well me and my stepson headed for the stand and Launceston looked the better of the sides and it didn’t take long, infact only 6 minutes before they went in front. The homesters carried on attacking but never looked like extending their lead as the game went a bit scrappy towards half time.

Cullumpton came out on the attack in the Second Half but then took off their main striker, shortly after Launceston took control And doubled their lead on the hour. It really should have been game, set and match, but credit to the visitors as they kept pushing forward and pulled one back.

In the 84th Minute, a very high tackle with studs showing by the Cullumpton player left a Launceston player in a heap on the floor and as the referee went for his cards, players all dived in and ran from all directions, the home keeper who had run 30 yards went down, then sprung to his feet and ran back to his goal area..The Referee dismissed the Cullumpton player for the awful foul and to the dismay of the home crowd around me, booked the home goalkeeper, but the referee was correct in my opinion to caution the keeper as he had run 30 yards to get involved but I also feel that the visitors could well have had a 2nd player dismissed if the referee or assistant had seen which player had struck him to the ground.

In to injury time, Launceston were awarded a penalty to which h they converted to concrete their 4th position place in the League Table.

Well it certainly wont be another 12 years before another visit, as I found this a very and polite club.

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