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Saturday 22 October 2011

AFC Hucknall enjoy their away day


Well a early start to the day, with my grandson Jacon waking us up at 6am on a matchday! Well after a good healthy breakfast, it was on the road to deliver some Non League Directorys, first stop was to Martin Williams of Arnold Town FC fame and we had a good chat about the upcoming CMFL Bonanza where he is going to download his form and send for his Advanced Ticket, though he will only be attending 2 of the games, he understands the importance of the Advance ticket benefiting all 10 clubs that put themselves out to play the fixtures at different times and he gets the programme pack that he requiresas well.

Then it was off to Radford FC who have always greeted me and my family with open arms and were a tad disappointed that I wasnt stopping for the match, but I will get there in the season I promise.
 We then got on to the ring road and off to Dunkirk FC to deliver some more and met up with my ex brother in law Darren Miller and we had a good old chat.

As we went in to Clifton there was just one more cal I had to make and that was into the local supermarket, not that I wanted anything but my youngest son Brett from my 1st marriage works there, so it was a good chance to see him and buy a few bits and bobs.

Clifton FC is based on the south of the city and a place I have a lot of time for, having lived on the estate for over 15 years and where 3 of my lads were bought up, infact 2 still live there. On arrival, Jacob was fast asleep in the car, so Hazel relaxed whilst I went and had a cuppa, then came along Rob Campion, who writes the great blog "All Roads Lead Somewhere" with his dad, after a chat, it was kick off time and Clifton FC were favourites going in to this game, but having spoken to Danny Pheasant the AFC Hucknall Manager, he had quoted " we should have more points on the board, but we just cant score, though were have been playing very well but been getting beat".

The First Half was a close encounter with AFC Hucknall going close on a couple of occassions, whilst Clifton FC had chances of their own, but just as the half look asif it was going to be goal-less int he 43rd Minute, a break down the left by the Hucknall number 9 saw his shot squeeze between the post and the home keeper in to the net to give the away side the lead.

After a no doubt good half time talking to, Clifton FC came out and seemed to step up a gear, but they hit the bar then the post and then wasted several opportunities that on another day may well have hit the back of the net, but today just hit the college grounds at the back of the goal.

With just 2 minutes remaining, Hucknall's Number 7 turned his man in the box and fired in to the net to give AFC Hucknall a deserved win on the day.

More pics from the game, please click on the link below

Clifton FC Website

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