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Sunday 28 August 2011

Parkhouse FC's win is so Suite


I was kindly invited to Parkhouse FC this season, after last season they were a host club for the CMFL Bonanza, to which they used their proceeds towards buying and decorating a new Hospitality Suite. With everything in place and with my mum wanting to go to a match with me, I rang Super Sec "Mr Parkhouse Nobby" to make arrangements for our visit.

On arrival, the 3 chaps on the gate gave us a kind welcome and a free programme and wouldnt charge me to go in. Then we met "Mr Parkhouse Hospitality John", who entertained us in the New Hospitality Suite with refreshments. Nobby came in and chattered away to my mum and soon became her fancyman for the afternoon! Infact, everyone made my mum really welcome and went out their way.

At 2.30pm, it was the BIG time, out came the Sky Blue Ribbon for me to cut and officially open the Parkhouse Bonanza Hospitality Suite and I was very honoured to be asked to do this.

The teams came out and the match began at a frantic pace with both sides playing some good football, with the game going from end to end. Then came a incident that I've only ever seen once before whilst watching football, the referee asked a Welbeck player to leave the field of play, as his under shorts were a different colour, as I know the CMFL have sent out no end of e-mails to the clubs that this is a FA Rule and at every meeting with the clubs it was announced. Well the player left the pitch, but then came back on to the pitch and the ref booked him for entering the field of play without permission. 

Shortly after Parkhouse opened the scoring, but to Welbeck's credit, they came straight back and scored their first goal of the season and looked good value for it. Parkhouse then stepped it up just before half time and scored 2 more goals to lead 3-1.

In the 2nd Half, I joined Scott Carlton's mum, as poor Scott has been very ill of late and recently came out of hospital and it was brilliant to see him there yesterday. Scott's mum then went down the line and I stood with Vardy, the Welbeck player who had been booked in the first half incident and we had a bit of a laugh over a old incident that had occured whilst I was on my holidays some time ago.

Parkhouse's 4th goal came from a penalty which from the position where I was stood, looked a bit harsh to be given, but the referee was a lot closer than me to see and he is a very good referee.

Within a minute came the goal of the game and possibly the best goal I have seen this season so far, the ball was cut in to the box diagonal, the striker took the ball down in one scoop and bang the ball was in the back of the net before anyone could do anything about it.

Welbeck then bought on 2 subs, one only a little lad and the first thing he did was sprinted with the ball straight past the defender and he looked quite a good prospect for them. The other sub then went through and was only 4 yards out and I think nerves just got to him, as in front of goal, he just screwed his shot wide.

Parkhouse then went and scored another 2 goals to win the game comfortably, but I felt sorry for Welbeck as people will see this score and think they are the whipping boys, but to be fair, they never gave up, played some good football in parts and was a lot better than when I saw them last season.

For all photo's from the match please click on the link:

In the pub after the match, Parkhouse FC kindly donated £10 towards the Blogs Charity, so with the £3 and the £2 for the goals, it has now taken the total up to a amazing £150.

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