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Saturday 20 August 2011

Kirkby Town 1 Nottinghamshire Police 4


Well today I was going to go to Basford United v Sutton Town AFC, but a call on Friday from my son Simon asking if we could babysit my 8 month grandson was too good a opportunity to turn down. Without having a car, due to being sold a bad one only 13 weeksd ago and the Engine going on Monday along with thew head gasket and cam belt leaving it worth only scrap value, it meant looking for somewhere very local and somewhere easy for me to get to with my grandson Jacob.

I rang the delightful MichelleThorpe the Kirkby Sec to check the match was onand once confirmed, it was a matter of working out the train times, gee its only 10 minutes on the train from Mansfield Woodhouse to Sutton Parkway, but blooming eck, its 20 minutes walk to Mansfield Woodhouse trainstation from my house and 20 minutes walk to Kirkby's ground from Sutton Parkway, so I was knackered when I got there.

As people began to arrive, a few of the Police recoqnuised me, no not off the wanted posters, but from other clubs that they had been involved with over the years. Then Michelle Thorpe arrived and handed me a present from Kirkby Town FC, a Kirkby Town Hat and a treasured Kirkby Town FC Mug. I have made a donation towards the charity on the left hand side from Kirkby Town FC, thankyou Kirkby Town FC.

Then came the strange part and one I have only ever come across once before in football, the referee walks on to the pitch to say he is delaying the kick off, as the Notts Police goalkeeper is 5 minutes away and they dont have a goalkeeper on the bench! Another 10 minutes go by and the Kirkby Town team who are on the pitch are called back to the changing room area. Then on come the 2 sides and the game kicks off, after 10 minutes of the game, there is a sub, yes the Notts Police Keeper has arrived, so why did the game kick off at 3.20pm? oh well the sub seemed to unsettle the home side, as they seemed baffled and the Police found themselves in a 2 goal lead in the space of a 5 minute spell. Just as it looked as things couldnt get any worse for Kirkby, they conceded a third, but all credit to them, whilst Police were still smarting over that 3rd goal, the Kirkby 10 smashed a 30 yarder straight past the Police keeper to reduce the arrears.

The Second Half was more of a midfield battle with both sides creating and missing chances, and as usual, just towards the end of the game as i put my camera away, the Police finished off the scoring to make it 1-4.

On todays evidance, I hope I am wrong but in saying that Kirkby may well struggle unless they get the basics right quickly, as Police look quick up front but wasnt really tested at the back, so very difficult to access.

Headcount attendance by Fred Nelson was 35

More photos from this match can be view on

Kirkby Town FC Website:

Nottinghamshire Police FC Website:

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