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Saturday 13 August 2011

Glapwell FC 1 Thoresby Colliery Welfare 4


The Line -Up's Above

Well I had to look back in my history book this evening as I really couldnt remember the last time I actually wen to Glapwell FC for a League Match, but it was in the Central Midlands Football, where Arnold Town needed to win by 3 clears goals to gain promotion, so it must have been in 1992/93 season, gee and what has happened since then, sadly Glapwell FC nearly folded during the close season and a good strong friendly committee decided to keep them alive whilst other people may well have just thrown the towel in and the club would have gone under..Well done to these people, as these are the true heroes of our game!

Well Glapwell FC have had to go back to their roots in the Central Midlands League and their First Home match was against Thoresby Colliery Welfare, who last season had their best ever season in their clubs history, so I thought this match may be a very tight local Derby in the North Division of the CMFL.

Glapwell FC came out and had their teams photos taken

The game kicked off with the visitors kicking down the hill and attacking the home defence. The Home defence seemed to be a little slow at first and before they knew it, they were 3-0 down after 24 minutes to a PANTING hat-trick. On 36 minutes, Glapwell reduced the arrears and went in looking the better side at the time and the feeling was, if they managed to score quickly in the 2nd half then this game wasnt over, infact there was a few people making predictions of a Glapwell 4-3 win!

Glapwell did come out on thE attack but Thoresby were defending very solid in numbers, but were nearly unsewn when a dipping shot from 30 yards crashed across the crossbar with the visiting keeper beaten.
This seemed to be the turning point of the game and possibly Glapwell's last hope, as Thoresby then seemed to be more solid at the back and played on the break at the front, but right in injury time a superb overheaed kick by Stretton left the home keeper just watching as the ball hit the back of the net.

Headcount by me was 38 which I thought there may be a few more there. The club has a nice clubhouse with bar and also a Club Shop with old programmes, badges etc inside, if not open you only have to ask and someone will open it for you. Lovely people, so if you havent visited Glapwell FC then why not, nice ground.
The £3 enterance was donated to the charity total plus 5 goals today.

More pics from the match can be found at:

Glapwell FC Website:

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