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Saturday 2 July 2011

The Pre-Season has Begun

Teversal FC 0 Carlton Town FC 1
Admission £2 including programme
Attendance: 81
Well the Pre-season Friendlies began today with me ringing up South Normanton's Sec Phil Handley to check that their match was still taking place v Kiveton Park at 3pm, finding out it was off, it was then a quick phonecall to Tevvie Sec Kev Newton to check that their 1pm kick off v Carlton Town was on, so the finishing of a nice breakfast served up by Mrs H set me up nicely, though those dark clouds outside my back window looked very daunting.
Off to Tevvie, Mrs H drove except for forgetting that Tevvie isnt towards Sutton in Ashfield and we had to turn round in a  pub car park when I had explain her mistake, she was dead chuffed..NOT!
I arrived at the ground and paid my 2 quid to get in and was give a funny shaped programme, but great to see one produced as I wasnt expecting one, then I bumped in to Chris Marsh and a few of the Chesterfield Hoppers and then saw the "Bearded Wonder" Malc(the man of the blogs!)..He hadnt even got in the ground before we was both grabbed by the raffle lads. Then we was joined by the smartly dressed Mr Dennett.

Well the dark clouds that were in Mansfield must have stayed there, as I wore a lovely yellow t-shirt and all the damn black bugs that were in the Teversal area must have seen me, as they all headed towards me and landed on me .

The game kicked off and I was surprised that the players didnt stop for a drinks break, but I did, as I downed a lovely diet coke, more people came and spoke to me, but they were getting attacked by the bugs, so they decided to go and talk to others, though Malc in the second half decided to have a chat with us for a while, before I spotted Trevor who seems to get everywhere in his wheelchair and all credit to him, lovely chap he is. 

Not a lot of the football was actually watched, as people were just glad to be out the house away from the tennis and back at the footie and seeing old friends again, but Carlton Town did score about midway in to the Second Half and there were chances for both teams created and to be fair for the first kick about of the Pre-Season, it wasnt a bad match.

After I retreated in to the Tevvie Bar and had a couple of pints of Strongbow at just £2.80 a pint before the family joined me and my round got a bit more expensive before Mrs H drove me home.
Teversal FC do have a Tournement going on this coming 2 weeks and friend Richard Lane has offered me a lift to Wednesday Night's match between Belper Town v Maltby Main..Admission is £2 and a programme for the competition has been produced.

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