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Monday 18 July 2011



In the leafy City of Southwell, more famous for the Bramley Apple, All Weather Race Course and Minster is a little football club with a picturesque surrounding inside the War Memorial Recreaton Ground. 
As I was dropped off by Hazel in the Car Park, I was spotted by the visitors Manager Brian Johnson, who said this should be a good workout today.. In to the ground I entered and straight in to the clubhouse, where I was met by the Southwell City Committee, this Committee must be one of the loyalist and long serving committees that I know,there's Mick Clough and his wife, the man with the smiling face and glasses and beard, no idea of his name but he seems to have been there years, Colin Abbott the Chairman and ..well where is he..Pat Johnson(he wasnt there today, he was on holiday..This committee, if you added up the years they have been with Southwell City, I dont think I would be too far out in totaling 150 years in service!
After a chat, i popped outside and spoke to Villas Sec Ian, but then did it rain, well more of a monsoon, the players sprint back from the top pitch that was being used for todays was a case of having a quick shower!
At 3pm, it was still raining so I strolled up the hill and nestled under some trees and still got wet! The rain stopped and allowed me to take a few pics in which time in the 30 minute spell Southwell had blasted in to a 2 goal lead.

Just before half time, everyone headed towards the cover of the trees, as we had a mini storm with the loud bang of thunder, but to the credit of both sets of players, they carried on playing. Just after Half time, Askern began to attack and pulled a goal back, whilst City put on a few of their young subs and it looked likely at this stage that the visitors would gain the upper hand, but then a lovely ball up the left wing, saw the winger twist and turn and fire home to put the game beyond doubt.

In the clubhouse afterwards, I was thanked by Southwell City Manager Jonathan Simpson and he donated £5 towards the blog charity and then ex City Manager handed me £10 .
Later in the evening at Radford Football Club, a football card was taken round at their event and £50 was also raised. I would like to thank all these very generous people who have donated towards the cause.

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