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Saturday 9 July 2011


Pre-season Friendly
Admission £2(that went in to the charity total)
Crowd Headcount: 53

On arrival at Mill Lane, the home of Parkhouse FC, I was greeted by the three Gents on the gate with a smile as usual, I went to pay the £2 entry and was told no, go on in, so i bought £2 of raffle and promised to put the £2 in as donation to why I am doing this blog. I then went over to say Hello to John, who was sorry he could make me a cuppa, but I told him I didnt want a free one, as I'm not on the League anymore and he said well when ever you come here, you'll get a free cuppa. They are in present doing the new portacabin up which will be open next weekend and named the "Bonanza Hospitality Suite" and I have been kindly asked by Club Secretary Dave "Nobby" Clarke. The Three Officials arrived and had a chat with me and then the team managers. Iwent outside and for the second week running I bumped in to my friends from Chesterfield, Mr Chris Marsh and his dad. Towards 2pm and with a early kick off, I strolled down to the stand and out of the blazing sun and sat on a plastic chair. 

This was both sides first Pre-season Friendly and the First match since Parramore had altered their name to Worksop Parramore from Sheffield Paramore. Parramore won the CMFL Supreme Championship last season and were promoted in to the Northern Counties East League, whilst the Central Midlands League alters to a North and South Divisions with Parkhouse FC beginning this coming season in the Northern Division.

The match kicked off at a frantic pace and the Parramore number 11 on a lovely sunny July afternoon was spotted wearing Gloves! I wonder what he wears in December & January when it gets a tad colder! He was causing the Parkhouse defense some problems but they kept him at bay in numbers at the back. Parkhouse though were creating the better of the chances and deserved to go in front after 25 minutes. They looked like they were going to hold on to that lead till half time, but just as you say that, a equaliser pops in a minute before the coffee break.

With all the swops etc in the Second Half, both sides gave a few youngsters and new players a run out and the match was still at a frantic pace but the away side was starting to find a lot more space and a lot more openings in that defence of the home side, so it came as no surprise when they took the lead. Parkhouse FC never gave up and on several occasions could well have been on equal terms if not for some very good goalkeeping, but the visitors broke away again and put the scoreline to bed.

If you have never been to Parkhouse FC, you will always be greeted there, for Hoppers, they do have on sale Parkhouse Mugs and Club Badges and other items. On the ground is a tea bar that does burgers etc.

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