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Saturday 17 December 2011

Dronfield Town Ground Out Win to Go to The top


Well today I ventured in to Derbyshire to Dronfield as I had a Bonanza Meeting with their Committee before the match, as usual a nice welcome and a nice cuppa coffee on arrival.

After the meeting came the match against Harworth CI, who I had seen only 2 weeks ago win away at Parkhouse FC, so a close encounter was expected.

The game kicked off and both sides cancelled each other out in this battle of the First Half and the only worthy thing on note was that the ball went out of play and the Home Manager went to kick a replacement ball  on to the pitch and slipped on to his backside, which all the crowd enjoyed at his expense.

The Second Half was a lot better and Dronfield stepped it up a bit and a bit of a wicked defection saw the ball float above the Harworth keeper to open up the scoring.

Harworth pressed forward with Dronfield playing one up front and the home side broke through(with a slight hint of offside, to which the Assistant Ref said, well you was played onside but I dont know who by), the attacker lifted the ball over the advancing keeper to give Dronfield the points.

Must say how well the pitch looked as we had a lot of frost and rain recently and Dronfield are looking to their Bonanza match in March.

So dont forget folks, to e-mail me for a Bonanza Booking Form on more details can be found on this blog for the Bonanza tickets etc.

Photo's from this match can be found at

Dronfield Town FC Website

Harworth CI FC Website

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