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Saturday 4 June 2011

Central Midlands League Donation to Homeless & Rootless in Sheffield

Well Yesterday(Friday 3rd June 2011) me and Hazel ventured up to meet Central Midlands League Referee's Secretary Mark Senior to go to present Homeless & Rootless in Sheffield a cheque for £424.33, which was one of the Charities that we had collected for over the past season.

We presented the cheque in Father Tim's(yes Father Tim, not Father Ted and yes the chap was Irish) garden, as the centre only opens at Christmas, as the charity has to find £1500 a year just to open the doors for Health & Safety and to hire the premises(you would think somewhere would open their doors for free for a week wouldn't you?) People come from all over the place to help make sandwiches, meals, clothe and just help the homeless people.

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